What Are Storage Units?


In the past, we have had to rely on removal companies and large storage organizations to store on our behalf and have had to play by their rules with limited access, no flexibility, long-term contracts and high charges. With the arrival of self-storage units, we have been given a lot more choice. It's 'Do It Yourself' storage. Whether you're looking to store just a few items, archive your business paperwork or put most of your possessions in a safe place for a few weeks, months or years this could be a cost-effective and flexible solution for you.


Recognizing that many consumers and businesses need more control over what, where, when and how they store the self-storage industry has evolved into a cost-effective, flexible and secure storage alternative. The self-storage space you rent will be self-contained and fully enclosed and can vary in size according to your specific needs - you could be looking at as small a space as a closet through to a unit big enough to store the entire contents of your house or extensive business archives.


This is an amazing flexible storage alternative. You can choose to store almost anything you like in the space size that you choose for as long or as short a time as necessary. Unlike traditional storage methods, this allows you to gain access your storage space free of charge at any time (subject to facility opening times) which not only means that you can easily access what you have stored, but that you can take parts of it out of storage and replace it with other items with no hassle, no waiting and no additional cost. Often you can simply drive up to your self-storage unit and park outside. You can even quickly increase or decrease the size of storage space you use according to changing needs. And, unlike traditional storage methods, you will know that your self-storage unit will stay where it is and your stuff will not be moved around by the storage provider without your permission.


If you are looking to use these storage units, the first difference you will notice is that it's your responsibility to get your stuff to the self-storage facility, pack your goods into the space provided and, ultimately, move it out (although some companies offer fee-based removal and packing services). This allows you to pack your storage space in the ways that best suits you so that you can easily access items without having to unload everything in the unit.


Storage Unit agreements can usually be terminated at very short notice. Although you may be asked to pay a deposit and monthly rental charges up front, when you close your agreement you'll be refunded in full for months you haven't used.


Just the Right Size!



25 square feet - 5 x 5:
A perfect size for student off-campus storage ,light furniture, sporting goods, computers, business records, seasonal display items
40 square feet - 5 x 8:
Good for a 1 small bedroom or bachelor suit with boxes of additional items.
50 square feet - 5 x 10:
Fits a 1 bedroom apartment with boxes of additional items.
64 square feet - 4 x 16:
Best suited for a large 1 bedroom apartment with a den.
95 square feet - 7 x 14:
Accommodates a 1 - 2 bedroom apartment or house.
121 square feet - 11 x 11:
Perfect for a 2 bedroom apartment or house.
128 square feet - 8 x 16:
Best suited for a 2 - 3 bedroom apartment or house.
130 square feet - 10 x 13:
A good fit for a 2 - 3 bedroom apartment or house.
144 square feet - 12 x 12:
Our largest size! Accommodates a 3 - 4 bedroom apartment or house


Our Rates and Availability



Unit Floor Size* Unit Volume Monthly Price** Units Available
25 square feet - 5 x 5 200 cubic feet $25 2 (2nd story)
40 square feet - 5 x 8 320 cubic feet $35 1 (2nd story)
50 square feet - 5 x 10 400 cubic feet $45 0 (2nd story)
64 square feet - 4 x 16 512 cubic feet $65 1
95 square feet - 7 x 14 784 cubic feet $75 0
121 square feet - 11 x 11 968 cubic feet $80 0
128 square feet - 8 x 16 1024 cubic feet $85 0
130 square feet - 10 x 13 1040 cubic feet $85 1
144 square feet - 12 x 12 1152 cubic feet $105 1


* All units are currently unheated and are 8 feet high.
** There is no lock fee, but if a key is lost, there will be an extra charge of $5 at pickup.


Storing your belongings for the long term and looking for a deal? Ask about our short-term and long-term discounts! If you find a lower price, we will do best to match their price.

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